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Our Process

From seed to sale, we do things very differently. We grow and create every product sold in our provisioning centers so our patients can rest assured that their medicine will be clean and consistent every time. Learn more about how we operate and why our processes create better medicine.


Our cultivation division is designed to produce the cleanest cannabis possible using cutting-edge agricultural automation. Unlike traditional growing, our aeroponic process means that our plants are only touched by human hands one time (as opposed to three times per soil and hydroponic growing processes), drastically reducing the chance of bacterial contamination.

Our nutrient solutions are carefully mixed and administered using a highly automated process that gives us total control over our crop so patients can enjoy a consistently high-quality product time after time.


We distill the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids from the cannabis flower to create high-quality oil-based concentrate products, such as vape cartridges, tinctures, resin, shatter and more.

We believe a concentrate is only as good as its starting material, which is why we use a highly controlled cultivation process to grow our own flower. With our unique method of production, we are using the purest cannabis to produce the finest concentrates.


We believe it is crucial to foster relationships with the patients who visit our provisioning centers in order to help them find the right medicine. The employees in our provisioning centers have a deep understanding of cannabis and are dedicated to working with patients to develop the regimen that works best for them.

We only sell Rair products in our provisioning centers to ensure that our patients are getting the highest-quality products possible.

Our Mission

To bring consistent, high-grade medicine to the patients who need it,
and to educate the world on the benefits of cannabis.

Medical Community & Patients

Consistent medicine patients can depend on

At Rair, we believe medicine should always be two things: consistent and safe. We strive to cultivate the most pure, high-quality medicine possible with little to no variation between products. In order to do that, we take a few extra steps:

Controlled Cultivation

Aeroponic growing significantly decreases chances of contamination in our medicine.

Consistent Quality

Highly controlled growing means our patients can depend on the same experience every time.

Trusted Partners

Associates at our provisioning centers have the knowledge to help patients find their medicine.

Legislators & City Councils

How We're Becoming Good Corporate Citizens

We believe in not only helping our patients but also the communities we operate in. Our goal is to be good corporate citizens by creating a safe, dependable source of medicine for patients and by supporting community resources. Here are a few ways we plan to support the communities we become a part of:

First Responders

Supporting local police, EMS and fire departments

Community Services

Donating to local food banks and rotary clubs

Community Resources

Working with municipalities to increase parks and other resources

Our Team

Kevin McFadden, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McFadden was a real estate banker for major banking institutions in California and Virginia prior to co-founding the Rebkee Company in 1991. The Rebkee Company is a full service regional real estate development company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

Kevin McFadden

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Frakes, Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Frakes consulted with federal government contractors in the Washington, D.C. area for 25 years. Patrick possesses sharp management and leadership skills, as well as an extensive operational background, that make him uniquely suited for the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Patrick Frakes

Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Hubbard, Director of Cultivation

Ashley Hubbard has a background in cultivation and genetics research and holds a Masters in Plant Population Genetics. She has been in the cannabis industry for years, leading production teams at three large-scale recreational and medical cannabis cultivation locations throughout the Denver area.

Ashley Hubbard

Director of Cultivation

Marley Hodson, Director of Processing and Extraction

Marley Hodson holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and has previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a technician in a nanomedicine research lab. As a chemical engineer, Marley is well-practiced in extractions and product refinement and strives to pinpoint and improve inefficiencies in processes.

Marley Hodson

Director of Processing and Extraction

Molly McFadden, Director of Retail Operations

Molly McFadden has focused on business development and consumer relations throughout her career. Her experience managing a state-licensed dispensary has sharpened her focus on patient outreach, regulatory compliance and continued business growth.